Friday, May 08, 2009

You People

I was effectively
"you peopled"
by a child at our kids school
not just any kid either
one who really really knows us
has been to our home
in our car
to our kids parties

I was waiting to pick up our daughter from kindergarten
I heard a child voice saying
"Hi Mrs. Harris"
which always makes me laugh
so formal
so my mother
so not me
I smiled at her
"you know honey you can just call me Stacey" I said
she just smiled up at me
and happily stated
"I can't tell you apart, so I just call you both Mrs. Harris"
and truly I was stunned.
silent actually - which is really weird for me
For one
Jessie and I really are not lookalikes
although occasionally matching we never twin EVER
(my mom does by us everything in twos..
but we do not wear them at the same time
okay maybe the sandals...)
My hair is shaved off, I wear ripped jeans
my eyebrow is pierced
I am short with glasses
I am boish
Jessie is tall and has hair (not long but long for a dyke)
and she is always dressed up, coming from work she is girly
so I sat silent
almost feeling slapped

so odd
to just be written off
you are just one of them
why should I bother to tell you apart
you are lesbians
even at 9 or 10 or 11 whatever she is
she saw us as a group
not me as a person
and felt no issue with that at all.

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