Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Road Trip

We are leaving for Gay Pride Atlanta
We go to many prides each summer around the country
normally, being moms
we leave in the dark of night
trimming any unneeded minute
so that the kids
have little time
without us
we leave at midnight
fly red eyes to LA
work 14 hour days and then return with no sleep
we leave lists and gifts and extra directions and love
we worry

But this year
we decided
mommies need time
to love and play too!
so instead of flying
instead of red eyes
instead of dashing and sweating and forgetting
and losing our minds
my wife and I are driving
to Atlanta
girls on a road trip
Thelma and Louise
without the guns and men and crashing off the cliffs thing
we are taking time
for us
how novel eh?

Last night I wrapped small gifts
so each morning a small surprise they would have
the house is full of food
the notes are written

but today - we will simply be women
tattooed, windows down, music blaring
in love
road tripping
and only worrying a tiny bit
about the babies

Take time
for yourselves

and come see us in Atlanta
or on the R Family Cruise
or in P-Town for Family Week

Maybe we will look more rested!

Happy pride!

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