Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Internet Addition and Tweens

This is what I posted on my son's Facebook page today - What, Facebook?  Yup, thats what I said!

THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM ZION’S MOMS: Zion is 12 years old and is NOT allowed a Facebook page. This is something he knew very well. Zion chose to use my computer, stay up all night and chat with all of you. He created this on a school computer, also against the rules. I see several of you on here who are also too young to have accounts, are your parents aware??? Maybe they should be. I also see that many of you are doing this during the day or well into the night. Also interesting. Please do NOT communicate with Zion on Facebook nor cellphone. He is in significant trouble for doing this and has lost our trust and our respect. I see a generation of people addicted to the internet. Kids who have no attention span and seem incapable of functioning without their technology pacifiers. There is a whole world out here to enjoy. My advice, be careful how you communicate - what you say on the internet lasts forever. Be aware of what rules you choose to break - it might be YOUR parents here next on YOUR page. You have no idea how the silly cute things you think you say here will affect your future. Jobs, interviews, college. What you do here, this is your first resume. Your first introduction to the world. Welcome to the world, Zion. This is what people will remember.