Sunday, September 10, 2006

Presence Matters - A small town family outing

Saturday, like many saturdays
we took our small company
our family to a festival
pitched a tent and set up shop
we do many of these weekends
Pride festivals around the country
I find them exhilarating and empowering
I love to meet all of the families
and those who want to become families
50% selling
50% educating about how to make families and sharing resources
100% amazing fulfilling - best job in the world
this saturday
unlike all of the others
we did our first small town show
a straight event, I guess
it was local and cheap and well, why not
suddenly we were the only
the different
new territory you know?
Nerves came up at first
how would we be received?
I barely have the words to tell you
how much the world has changed
the gay and lesbian folks there thrilled at our presence and felt validated
but it was all of the others that amazed me
they laughed and cheered
said "it's about time" and "how are you finding it here?"
They said, even thought I am straight please help me find something to buy,
I believe in this,
and thank you.
some weird bridge has now been built
I didn't even see a ravine
I was not aware of the gap
It was like all of this support was out there wanting
to find an avenue in
to stand by us
I thought we were going to do a small show
a saturday
make some cash
for the holidays
play in the sun
but in the end
I became so much more rich
than I could have imagined
Sometimes in leaving our comfort zones
is where we find safety

Friday, September 01, 2006

Back to school - first grade

When I was a kid
My mother brought me to
CVS or the five-and-10
I got folders and pencils
Pencil boxes and a new lunch box
TONS of clothing –
probably in pink and with flowers
A new haircut with hairspray
barrettes with ribbons I do clearly recall
I don’t remember knowing the teachers name ahead of time
I don’t remember visiting the school
I don’t remember any parents being involved
30 years ago

My son is starting first grade
We scoured the universe looking for a school
The right school
Where he would continue to blossom
Where he would not be the only
Son of a two mom family
Ballet loving
Where teacher would tell him it’s okay to want to be on Broadway
encourage his love and fascination with Senator Kerry
allow him to be proud of his gifts and not really notice the differences

I still bought a new lunch box
(although he is usually to chatty to eat)
I still bought new clothing
(although he loves his – mostly from a skate boarding shop or the rugged bear outlet)
He got a new haircut
(a low fade with skin and no part) Amazing new language
We have spoken to the head of school
The teachers and I am sure
We will be involved in every way we can
And in every way we need to be
And in every way we are needed

My baby is going to first grade
The world has changed in 30 years
I am so thankful
I can now try to make it safe for him
I am thankful to those who came before me
I hope I can help to keep the road paved for those who will come next
Good luck as school starts
We are all educators
Are we not?
but now they
will change the world
for us