Thursday, November 08, 2012

A Second Pause

A second pause: So I took some crap yesterday on this post - both on and off facebook. So let me be clear:

Throughout history, up to and including present day, the majority had pushed, shoved and forced the minority to bend, to compromise, to accept less than, to give up and break. My marriage is not equal in this country, I do not share the same benefits, I have fears that are a reality regardin
g my family safety and my spouse and healthcare and hate crimes. I drop her hand in public when it is not safe, I don't kiss her at school so that others are comfortable. WE have always had less and lived with less and felt thankful for the slow moving progress where it could be seen. We HOPED for acceptance for years, QUESTIONED our safety daily - in large cities and small, CRIED at the lack of equality in this nation. I bend and bend and bend.

One day, when I am equal to you, when my rights are the same as yours, my family protected - on that day, I will begin to compromise. BUT do NOT DARE to ask me to bend one more time, compromise one more ideal, break one more promise to my children of an equal tomorrow. I have a right to be angry. I have less and am aghast that others, you know who you are, did not care about our rights, my rights, my children's safety, women, nor even freedom. Do not dare to ask me to bend again. This is why women and gays and many groups stay down. Because at the first sign of progress, we were taught to be thankful for the small morsel of equality we received. We are told, look we accept you here, isn't that enough?!? It is NOT enough. I am thankful that we have a beginning and I will not bend again. I will fight until we are all equal.

And by the way - this page is mine. If you don't like it - don't read it.

A Brief Pause

A brief pause: 
Its so clear to me now after the election. That those people I know who voted for Romney, have never faced oppression, never lived in fear of being denied access to a sick spouse or denied benefits, never worried about two parent adoptions or hate crimes. Never actually struggled with money. When your only concern is financial, when you are wealthy enough to buy your right to cho
ose, or healthcare or a third home, you don't need to worry about those smaller things - like fundamental rights. They don't touch you. And you feel free to not care. But now, for four more years I feel safe, I feel my family is safe, and now that I can relax I can see clearly. And I am ashamed at all of you who took this vote for granted. You took my family for granted. And truly I am embarrassed by you and sad for you and for what you do not feel and see and understand and live. I have standing to be angry. Your vote could have hurt my family. And thankfully we won. And you are now about to enter four years with MY PRESIDENT.