Friday, December 07, 2007

Saying Grace - Advice

Hi Evolved Mommies! How do you get a kid to say grace at dinner? When I was a kid it was mandatory - we actually feared it. But now I am hard wired to do it and my kids just moan and groan. Ideas?? XOXO Mommy etiquette.

Dear Mommy Etiquette. I think the exercise of "grace" is a really important one.
all of us really
need to be reminded
of what we are thankful for
it's necessary
it's peaceful
it's helps us stay grounded

I don't
think it needs to be feared
if its a hated ritual
no one can learn from it

In our home
we thank the universe at dinner each night
its bigger than us
and our kids get that
they can say
anything they want
but need to be thankful
for something each day
with my 7 year old
we try to limit it to 3 things or he will go on and on forever
They argue a bit about who is to go first
sometimes we go by age
or who had an amazing day
Here is what it looks like:

Mommy: I thank the universe for our new house
a great place to work
and all of you

Me: I am thankful for
coffee in the morning
wonderful food to eat
and my family

Zion (age 7) I thank the universe for
John Kerry
my family
the Red Socks

Torin (age 4)
I fank de uvnerse
for apple juice
and hot dogs

Let the feast begin!

It's fun
and fast
and humbling

So relax
and let the kids lead this one
It doesn't matter what they are thankful for
we just care that they
have an awareness
and are truly
for something.

Hope that helps!

Evolved Mom - Stacey