Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why do you let your kid wear that? Advice to a Gradma

My daughter told me about your gay family store and I luckily, I think, found your BLOG. I don't understand why you are making these shirts. These are babies for christ sake. Why do they need to be made into little billboards. Why are you making them be just like you? Or worse, targets. I asked my daughter what I should get her for her shower. She is pregnant. They are having a baby and I love them. She asked for your shirt that says "My mommies Rule". I can't do it. Can you help me understand why this is so important to her? Mom of a lesbian.

Dear Mom of a lesbian - let me try to explain:
We are not making clothing that offends OR endangers
ALL of our designs - we hope-
are funny, light and can be worn to daycare, preschool and soccer practice
We made this line of gay baby clothing
because there was nothing
8 years ago that fit
our family
and we deserve to be proud of our family and feel connected
Like your daughter does
"my mom and dad went to Orlando and brought me this T..."
just doesn't fit you see
The world is a heterosexual place
and we are the minority
we wanted a light and humorous place
for our kids and extended family
to feel empowered
have a giggle

Your daughter, I assume
wants the same for her soon to be
a way to belong
and sure
make a statement
but a positive loving one
Nothing wrong with saying
I have a solid family that loves me!
and if some cool queer duds do this
then yay
life just got a bit more fun

I think the point here is to lighten up
I find that when I hide who I am, folks seem nervous and jumpy
but when it's right out there
and there is no secret or questioning
and no one is thinking - oh geez what do I say...
what do I call them
How to I refer to her...
everyone seems to just relax

I know this is not
what you were expecting to receive on your daughter's baby shower want list
but lets face it
although a lesbian baby shower is still a baby shower
it's clearly also got a new spin

So try to have fun with it
and have no fear
your daughter is happy, pregnant and about to create a miracle
she and her partner will rule
Let them show it!

Top 10 Gay and lesbian baby shower gifts:

Have fun.
I am always here to help you shop!
How about a gaybyshower basket?

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At September 08, 2007 4:19 PM , Blogger la gabi said...

Hey Jessie and Stacey!
I am from Argentine. I always read your blog. Congratulations and thanks for share your experience.
I want to invite you to visit our blog (sorry... only in spanish) with information and links to others lesbians moms/ future lesbians moms. Kisses!!


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