Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Life moves in strange ways sometimes

He was my play pen brother
best friend
ever since we were three
inseparable as kids
we played Monopoly
for 8 hours
every Saturday
made up our own rules
wrote them in pen
no one could follow
we loved, we argued we laughed and giggled
played practical jokes and skipped Hebrew school together
we played scientist in his mothers kitchen
he told me his crushes
we went sledding and buried treasure
that is probably still there
under the big tree
across from his boyhood home
pennies and cigarettes in a tin box
our big find and our secrets
when I came out to him he hugged me and laughed
I figured he said
nothing changed
at 18 we went off into the world
separated by life as sometimes happens

He seemed to stay alone
loving animals and photographs more than people
occasionally we would write
a few holidays
but always in my mind
always my brother

My mother called me on Sunday
peter died
allergic reaction to bee stings
so weird
this gentle man
who just loved me
and harmed no one
even after all of the years
years of infrequent contact
I feel like I have lost my twin
Family is what come naturally
Family is what feels like home
Its not blood or lineage
it's time and memory and laughter
an archaeologist
will dig up that tin
and ponder the connection between all of those copper pennies and cigarettes

To you man
the best monopoly player I ever met
May the next life be sweeter
and by the way
while we all sat Shiva
at my mothers house
looking grim and full of prayer
I heard you laughing
cackling really at all of the religion
and seriousness
I know you would have hated it
in your own way I know you were squishing whoopee cushions and singing
I am free
I am free

to you

gonna miss ya

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