Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We are back!

We are back from our hiatus.
We have spent the past few months
watching our children grow -
our son becoming a man
our daughter no longer a baby.
amazing really - time.
I have been sorting through hundreds of questions
from parents
like us
like you.
unsure and certain
afraid and brave
about parenting
about choices
about raising kids today
in this beautiful and crazy world.
What I have found
reading all of your amazing and insightful questions
is that we all need a place to connect
and share and learn from each other
and now.

A place where we can be wrong
and laugh at mistakes and empower others
and grow from others' brilliant moments
clarity moments
true hero parent moments.

Hence forth
Every Monday
we will be answering a new set of questions
and hopefully spending the week discussing it
with all of you

Questions from circumcision to peeing standing up
from Barbie to how to have crazy sex while your kids are asleep downstairs
advice and love and insight
we hope to share

please join us

and thank so much for waiting while we restructured things a bit

we look forward to all of your questions and insight

Stacey & Jessie

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