Monday, August 20, 2007

Lady Kenmore

We bought a house
in a small town
with safe streets and playgrounds
We researched
we worried
close enough to work
to our son's ballet school
to their new school
to civilization
The house is perfect
enough room for us all
no major issues that taste,
IKEA and paint can't resolve
Looks a bit Brady but I can live with it
cute yard
walkable to a swimming lake
ice cream shop
even a place to visit horses and pet goats
close enough to Target and Wholefoods too
But my heart is racing
Even though it's still Massachusetts
How will we be received
After all of this time
protests, activism, being OUT OUT OUT
I still worry
about the gay thing
about having a black son
a bi-racial daughter
a wife
in a small town
We deserve this town
My kids deserve to feel safe
My wife deserves peace
I know it's hip
I saw organic drinks at the pizza shop
a bulletin board had ads for Yoga and crunchy kid activities
but I worry
Difference is amazing
Difference is scary
Difference is empowering and freeing
and difference is hard
it will be wonderful
And my heart will pound
until we settle
until I settle
until I we land
and remember
that inherently
people are good

In the kitchen
the original dishwasher still lives
"Lady Kenmore" it reads
we laughed
Perfect don't you think?
somethings are just a sign
peace will come


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