Monday, February 25, 2008


This weekend
our kids were looking at buttons they bought in New York
on vacation
last year
My daughter who is almost five
pointed to one which read
"hate is not a family value" and confidently read it to us
"GAY" she said
Then she pointed to a rainbow one
Then to one which said "I love my gay family"
she said again
Jessie, my wife pointed to herself
"GAY" she said with a laugh
Zion, now almost 8
then pointed to himself
"GAY" he said
"no wait"
"straight" he said
"no wait"
"Mommy, I am a STRAY"
that's what you are when you don't know yet
if you are straight or gay
"I am a STRAY"
happy as punch he skipped away
very pleased with his new title
"don't know yet"
You just have to love this live
don't ya?

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