Sunday, January 27, 2008

Parenting stress - advice

Dear Evolved Moms:
Why is parenting so damn stressful sometimes? Lucia (2 moms of 2)

Parenting sucks because the kids make us act like grownups. They make us sound like our parents and set limits and do big boring grown up things. They make us nag and bitch and complain. And we are way too cool and fun and hip and young to be a nag or seen as old.

So Lucia, parenting can suck.

But the bottom line is that all of those limits
and talks
and time
and the grumpies we deal with
and the time we take
is love
and giving that unconditional love
is the single most important part of changing their lives and really changing the world.
The hard moments will come
the sweet moments are sweeter
when we work hard
and love hard
take time for yourself
and if you have time
read anything by Anthony E. Wolf
it will help
and remember
you are not your mom
you are way cooler
you nag less
you are way more fun
and your kids think you are awesome
if they didn't
love and trust you
they wouldn't give you so much shit!

All the best,

Evolved Mom Stacey

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