Thursday, November 29, 2007

Organized religon? Advice to spiritual dads

Hi Stacey! My husband and I are very spiritual people. A bit on the Pagan/solstice side of like if you know what I mean. That has always worked for us. My in laws however, just hate this! They pretty much steered clear of talking religion for years, but when our son Gabriel was born 3 years ago they began pushing. He needs "organized religion", "he needs a clear moral structure" Blah blah blah... It's always worse at holiday time. They offer to bring him to church and buy him biblical things. Do you feel a kid needs to have "organized religion"? What can we say to them? Karl.
Hi Karl, Religion is a touchy subject for many parents.
As gay and lesbian families
we, more often then not
have not felt comfortable in "organized religion"
Lets be real here
most religious are full of rules condemning us!
Not really great lessons for our kids...
That's not the moral compass my kids need.
Most religions
have wonderful lessons and values and teachings
unfortunately the judgements woven into the threads
the rigidity
the guilt
are often more confusing than having none at all
My view
all kids need to believe
in something
something bigger then them
something magical
and loving
and amazing
call it the goddess
call it the universe
call it god
call it magic
just believe
Find those like you
build community
and teach your values
to your son
Explain to your mother in law
how some religions feel to you and why
why your practice fits
invite her
if you wish
to learn
about what matters to YOUR family
All kids need to learn
karmic lessons
lessons of action and reaction
death and life
internal strength
When I was a child
I went to Temple
and my rabbi took all of the 6th graders
every year
to visit
5 other religious institutions
so that we could see
what exists
and what was right for us
how cool is that
allowing people to decide for themselves!
That is what truly matters
Our family celebrates Yule at home
Hanukkah with grandma
and also gets santa
Enjoy the holidays
and just believe
Its a magical time for all!

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