Tuesday, October 09, 2007

sewing ballet shoes

Today I sat in my new kitchen
and sewed elastic
into my sons ballet shoes
with a sewing kit
my mother made for me.
I balked at at the time
I thought I would never use it
Yet here I sat
suburban house
ballet shoes
sewing kit
wishing thimbles were more like the size of catchers mitts
so I could stop getting stuck by the damn needle
who knew I'd be here...
Parents often write to me
asking what it takes
to a be a good
well-rounded parent
As gay moms and dads I think we struggle
to try to do everything
be everything
as if something is lacking
to be a good parent
you must love unconditionally
and leap often into uncharted waters
that makes you the the most qualified
and best parent of all
my big lesbian self
sewed ballet shoes
they might not be perfect
but they are full of love
and I did it for him
that's parenting
that's love
(just hope the elastic holds!)


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