Monday, January 07, 2008

Infusion of love

My fairy daughter
asked Santa for a puppy
She said she would name him Mike
regardless of gender
She told Santa she needed nothing else
for her birthday was coming soon
She has an unwavering belief
in all things magical
and sparkly
She KNEW she was good
She knew Santa would come
She saw him twice at the mall and wrote a letter with a picture of Mike
And everyday
for 3 months
she told us how she would pick up poop and walk him
and love him
My son, the realist
the cynic
7 year old man
pulled us aside
and begged us to
STOP making him play
this foolhardy game of Santa
"You know I don't believe and I never have"
He did not think a dog would happen
he wanted gifts

Zion believes in science
in action
in what he can prove and disprove himself
He is a Taurus - like me
blessing and a curse
He sees a butterfly
and feels it is beautiful and understands it is alive
and has a life cycle
and tells us about it

Torin thinks they are hatched out of pixie dust
why the need to explain? She just knows

On Christmas morning
my children were dragged out of bed
by me
impatient for the fun to begin
matching jammies and gifts and music
I just love the holiday!
They rounded the corner
and saw the tree
the gifts
and 10 week old Mike

Torin - my fairy - smiled
"I knew he would be here"
she calmly began to pet him

My son
knelt down on the floor
covered his face
and burst into happy tears
in shock and disbelief
not able to wrap his logical brain
around how this dream
had come true
his eyes sparkled
and for a moment
I know
he believed

Happy holidays folks!



At January 08, 2008 7:04 PM , Anonymous ruminating_lesbian said...

What a neat day!!! I've just found your blog and have been reading over various entries and I must say, I am definitely hooked and will keep reading. Your family is everything that I dream about having someday. Wishing you the best! =)


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