Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Houdini Dog

Okay, so now I need advice.
Each weekend we pack up the kids
and mike the dog
and drive to p-town to our little shop
I thought it might be good to get a portable crate (lightweight...)
so I did not have to bring the metal one each time
15 minute into the adventure
I hear him wrestling in the crate
but I know he is in there
I zipped it myself
and then I see something in the rear view
on top of the luggage!
He had smushed his nose a certain way and unzipped it.
We pull over
tie the ends of the zipper together
10 minute later
Houdini dog says hello
and scare the shit out of me
We resolve to keep him in the front as we finish our trip
Mike is thrilled
and the kids think it's hysterical
On Sunday
after have a "gay old time" on the cape
We stop at the x-ass tree shop and
purchase yet another more solid - yet portable crate
with 5 minutes has his nose out and is happily
climbing up to the front seat
kids cackling all the way
moms getting pissed
We but a pigs ear and tie the crate again
mike chews his way out in 5 minutes
35 dollars later
mike is happily being king
up in the front
with his gay mommies
and the kids are in tears of laughter and glee
Lesson: Dogs love the front seat
kids love to laugh at moms
P-town is for the whole family
give into the roller coaster of life
But, as we are going again on Friday
any advice of puppy restraint
or ways to deflect butch embarrassment
at not being able to restrain a tiny cockapoo
are welcome
Evolved Mom Stacey

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At September 18, 2008 9:23 AM , Blogger Jamie said...

Not sure if what you're using to "tie" is what he's chewing through or not. But might I suggest a lock? Maybe one for luggage if a regular lock is too large.

There's always the doggie seats that work with seat belts, too. But I'm afraid that's not butch enough!! :-)

Good luck...and please report back your progress!!

At September 18, 2008 11:41 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So funny! & just exactly what I needed today. Thanks! Blessed be, C.--


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