Wednesday, June 04, 2008

super mom?

Mommies and daddies

I have decided
are not allowed to pee
We do not always get a shower
we eat last
get up from the table more
sleep less
work harder
and wipe more shit
than nurses and farmers combined

Mommies and daddies
are last in line
and lets be honest
it not the most fun job
in the world

this month I have not written as much as I wanted too
bathed as much as I needed
sat through a whole meal
without being asked to get something else, or more, or different
or had enough
uninterrupted conversation
with my wife

on our anniversary (14th wedding)
our daughter had the flu
and was in the hospital

But then
right when I had tried to blog
for the 15th time
tried to take a bath
tried to get anything accomplished
right when I was sure I was about to
lose my mind

my daughter came in the room
and planted a sugary sticky chocolate filled kiss
right on my cheek
and told me she loves having
two mommies (and faries, horses, shells and our house!)
then our son's ballet teacher e-mailed and
told us how excellent he is doing

the world kind of froze in time
I suddenly realized
our dog no longer pulls on the leash when we walk him (which I hate)
the sky watered the plants for me so I didn't have to
and Jessie and I got to go to see
the True Colors Tour in Boston
stay out late
and act like silly 18 year old love sick kids
and no one fussed about us going
even though it was last minute
a sudden change
a really late night

I realized
I didn't care
If I never get to pee
If I smell like crap
If the kids whine
or if the dog pees in the house

I have the best job
in the freaking world
being mom to our brood
and our life
is full
of wet sticky gooey chocolaty kissing love
which happens to be my favorite kind and the
very best flavor
and I wouldn't change a thing

so I am pulling my cape on
and being super mom
and flying the kids to school

I have to pee
I have not showered
but I am wearing one hell of a smile!

cheers to mothers day past and fathers day coming!



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