Tuesday, April 22, 2008

passports - funny moments in gay parenting

We have been hedging
on getting passports done

It stresses me just thinking about it
Gathering all of the adoption info
Birth names
Adoption certificates.
That was so hard to get initially.
So we hedge
Can I really hand over those docs?
I fear what they will ask us
In this small town
Of course,
We have been waiting until the last possible moment
We have a cruise in July – so this is it
No wiggle room
We load up the car
Grumbly children on an errand
The postal worker asks – are both parents present
We both sigh – yup
He kinda looks at us
Dykey moms
Black babies
He goes back to work
I get nervous
Jessie is tense
We fill out all pages
With the eyes and hands of forensic scientists
We will leave no space for error
No room to deny us
Place of birth, date of birth…
Cross every T
We walk up to the counter
Pictures taken
Two older white men behind the counter
With the power
One looks at us
Okay ladies
“Who want to be the father?” He smiles with a small smile
"That would be me" I say
I whisper to Jessie – "Honey I’m a daddy!"
The other man
Just looks at us
And then said
In a very serious voice
“You’d think they could finally figure out a system that works for everyone by now eh, other agencies have"
Have a good trip.
I love people
I love this town
I laugh, we smile
I’m a dad.

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At May 19, 2008 2:39 PM , Blogger Concetta said...

HI! So glad to bump into you both! Today's Don's birthday and we were just chatting about yesterday's birthday party. So glad to hear how well you're all doing. Give the kiddos smooshy kisses from me - and to the 2 of you. Let's get back in touch. Love, Connie

At March 12, 2016 12:09 AM , Anonymous Adam said...

Ha ha I love this posts..I can relate! good luck to the both of you. <3


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