Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To parent or not to parent - advice to the unsure

At Boston Pride this weekend
a lesbian couple
came up to our booth to shop
talk, get some advice
They asked all the hard questions
can you have it all? how hard is parenting? what do you give up?
can you still have your time? freedom? travel?
do you ever regret having kids?

We all chatted for a while
one with Jessie, one with me, then all together

Simply put
parenting is hard
if you are good at it
committed and dedicated
it is harder than just about anything you can possibly imagine
and every parent
wants to strangle their kids from time to time
in the rough moments
(Although most will deny that and I don't know why)
with that said
we wouldn't change it for the world
parenting is hard
but it is also the most loving
powerful, exhilarating roller coaster ride
full of moments so wonderfully intense you cannot imagine
little triumphs making your world a better place and
giving you renewed hope in the universe and in humanity

My wife also made and amazing point
and I totally agree
that without being a parent
or having a very significant roll with children
one cannot fully evolve as an adult
and mature
and learn about ones self
(she said it better)

screw the army
this is the toughest job
and it's all love
and I would not change a thing

Evolved Mom - Stacey

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