Monday, June 09, 2008

no time is wasted

When I was 17
I found a place where I belonged
cambridge mass
harvard square
just outside the train station
the pit
Mohawks and nose rings
skateboards and suspenders
london in america
we looked angry and tough
we were really smushy and goofy
and happy and no one really knew
how soft we were inside
none of us judged each other
we were all different
which made us all the same
runaways and rich kids
gay and straight and virginal and unsure
and no one
if I was a tomboy
blue haired
skateboarding girl
figuring myself out

My mother
hated it
all of it
the hair
the kids
the skateboarding
the tough look
the separateness of it all
the difference
for me
it was freedom
a place to work it all out

When my son's 8th birthday
was approaching
this year
I asked him
what kind of cake he wanted
a hip hop dance party AND
A skateboard park cake
awesome I said
I happen to be an expert in that area
No time in life is wasted
if we use each moment to the fullest

as parents we must accept all our kids have to show us
our job is to help them get to the next place
they need to be, where thay want to go
it is their journey
and I just feel so blessed
that sometimes
our adventures and life lessons

(Please note, that although my shirt looks preppy - those small white dots are actually skulls and I stole the shirt from my son - so all is still cool)



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