Saturday, September 13, 2008

facing fears - advice

Dear Evolved Moms:
I am just terrified, my son started Kindergarten this week. I can't sleep. I feel like we have created this safe, bias-free, empowering little world for him and now he is out there, alone and we are not there to help him. To guide him. To keep the assholes away from him. I find that I am picking him up early, finding excuses to keep him home. What do you think? I know I need to chill out, but it's hard. Thanks. J & J

Dear J & J:

Letting go is the hardest part of parenting. And the most important.
Assholes will exist.
At school
at work
on the playground
but if they never learn to stretch their self help muscles
how will they ever survive?
Fear is a really hard place to live - for any of us
Our daughter started K last week
I am afraid she is too tired - the day is long
she is shy
it is hard for her to say "no" to kids who might be unkind
some of the kids are amazing..
some of the families are amazing...
some might not be our cup of tea - but time will tell
we will guide her, but ultimately, she needs to make the right choices
and we have helped her and will continue to, as you have

it has been an interesting summer for all of us here
and fear at times has been a factor
but I have decided
at least for me
that living with fear
only inhibits my living
and all of those around me

I needed to say
I am longer going to live in fear of:
kid choices
taking huge risks
what anyone else thinks
things that really I have no control of anyway
or things I cannot grow without

Maybe you need a list too..
he will go
he will fall
he will get up
he will be powerfull
with his own wings
and you have helped him become powerful
let him fly
fear is no place to live...

Evolved Mom Stacey



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